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About us

Aramax IP Services is dedicated to bringing access to quality local, national and international expertise to fill many of the gaps creating uncertainty for innovative technology entrepreneurs in the Atlantic Canadian region.

As part of the innovation eco-system for startups, innovative businesses and university tech transfer offices, AramaxIP adds-value by helping with specialized services so you can get on with building and growing your business with confidence.

We work with you, the client to determine your needs and the stage you are at, and provide you with a quotation with a particular team to assist you.

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Market Researchers

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Rob MacKenzie


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Our areas of Specialty include:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Software
  • Bioscience, Life Science, Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Advanced Materials
  • Chemistry

Intellectual Property and Market Research Consulting -    PURSUE  |   PROTECT  |  COMMERCIALIZE


our services can assist with:

  • Market feasibilities
  • Assessing whether to pursue a technology business idea
  • Providing leverage in early-stage capital formation in startup companies
  • Validating R&D funding decisions
  • Due diligence assistance for investments (Angels, VCs, Banks, and Government)
  • Due diligence assistance for acquisitions, plus, percentage in Joint Ventures (JVs)
  • Objective valuation opinions for licensing negotiations
  • Dispute settlements and out-of-court settlements
  • Analyzing resources and intangible assets for commercial licensing opportunities
  • Licensing strategies
  • Patenting strategies
  • Partnering and collaborator sourcing
  • University market research reports - specifically customized to the technology being studied
  • University technology project prioritizations
  • University spin-out strategies
  • Competitor assessments in the intellectual property and marketing spaces
  • Applying for, obtaining and maintaining patents and trademarks