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Intellectual Property and Market Research Consulting -    PURSUE  |   PROTECT  |  COMMERCIALIZE



Aramax IP provides the following services, customized to fit your needs.  We collaborate with you so you get information about your topic.


AramaxIP’s                        - Initial Patent Data Capture project is a quick and affordable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering that can assist inventors and innovators get a better understanding of their technology area.

The                      project has been designed specifcally to help tech entrepreneurs, innovative businesses, product developers, inventors and researchers see some of the things that are held in the patent databases that are relevant to their subject matter or technology area.

►  Get information that your patent lawyer doesn’t tell you. Look outside of your technology space and get a glimpse of what else is out there. Formulate what you want to patent before you spend the big money on potentially patenting the wrong thing. Patents are expensive!

►  Take a load off your engineers, inventors and researchers. Let them do what they are good at and outsource the data collection to an experienced local company who has your success at heart.

AramaxIP accomplishes in days what could otherwise take months to accomplish manually. We have developed a proprietary method for obtaining a relevant dataset of patents and patent applications out of millions of patents, quickly. The snapshot of data that is provided will contain a lot of Gold Nuggets that provide insights from the patent world that you can use in your company for technology and business strategies.

Contact Us for the brochure. 

          International IP Competitor Assessments:

You have an idea and you want to get a glimpse of who else is in the market space and the Intellectual Property (IP) space, both potential threats and opportunities.  This provides an insight to questions like these:  Who else has been working in this area?  Do they have something close to my idea?  Are they using old technology to solve the same problem and mine is new and different?  Are they a potential licensee for my technology?  Maybe I could partner with them and get into the market even faster?

          Market Feasibility Studies and Assessments

Aramax IP specializes in early-stage market feasibility studies and assessments.  We have partnered with experts (experts in market research, financial models, licensing strategies, technology and commercialization) that have paid-access to the top market research databases and know how to navigate around them quickly.  That means you get the information obtained from these databases, rather than having to pay for them and figure out how to work them; saving you time, money and headaches.  You get highly relevant reports based on your market opportunity, not just generalized industry market data.

Whether you are an Inventor, part of an Innovative Technology Business or have a university project you want to check through the Technology Transfer Office or Industry Liaison Office, our reports provide you with analytical-support as you decide to pursue the opportunity or prioritize it over other potential projects.  Also, many times you need these for raising funds.

          Prior-Art Searches and Patentability Opinions

You have a good idea on how you are different than the competition, the substitutes or the old ways people solved that particular problem.  Now, you want to get an official prior-art search completed or get an official patentability opinion.  Aramax IP, with our partners can obtain Prior-Art Searches and Patentability Opinions for you.



Aramax IP and our partners (trademark lawyers) can assist you with getting trademarks.  Maybe you want to trademark your company name, your technology, or your product.  These are highly valuable pieces of intellectual property which helps you protect your Brand and can provide you with great licensing opportunities too.


Aramax IP and our partners (patent agents, engineers) can assist you with getting patents for your technologies and products.  We assist with writing patent applications, provisional patent applications, utility patents, and industrial design patents for USA, Canada and internationally.


            Technology Valuations

Are you looking to obtain venture capital financing to prepare for your next stage of growth?  Maybe you are selling your technologies, licensing them, or maybe your are being acquired.  Maybe you are in court against an opponent and need to get a third-party technology valuation for settlement amounts.

Aramax IP and our partners can provide you with an objective, defensible, third-party technology valuation to help you in your negotiations or settlements.

Commercialization - Independent Sales Reps, Manufacturer's Reps and Technology Licensing 

NEW !   Independent Sales Reps Platform Membership Access -  For manufacturers and suppliers we can now provide access to a Next Generation software platform that connects Manufacturers and Suppliers to a network of thousands of 100% Commission-Only Independent Sales Reps and Manufacturer's Reps in over 150 countries.  If you are looking to grow revenue, grow marketshare or extend your sales reach, check out our new brand's separate website - Extend Your Sales Reach TM

Manufacturer's Reps - For select clients and opportunities AramaxIP personnel can act as 100% Commission-Only, Manufacturer's Reps or Independent Sales Reps.

Technology Licensing Assistance - Aramax IP and our partners (licensing experts and lawyers) can provide Technology Licensing Strategies with full financial modelling, and can include the drafting of licensing agreements.

Some clients may also be interested in hiring us for negotiation assistance. 
Contact us to investigate this further.

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New Product Development and Inventing is Fun!

Aramax IP Services Ltd. stands ready to assist you with many parts of that journey.

We area regional boutique service provider in Atlantic Canada.  We are headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Contracting with Aramax IP gives you access to a local touch with the resources of a North American network of experts.  We are your "People on the Ground", locally, providing access to our experts from around North America. 

Whether you are at the Idea Stage, the Startup Stage, looking for funding, or you are preparing to sell your product or technology, we have a range of services to assist at each step.